Rely on our Consulting Team for the support and expertise you require

Our core of experienced professionals can assist you in a wide range of solutions, from resolving specific IT issues to helping you think strategically your software infraestructure. Described below are several of the areas in which we can support you to find and implement solutions.

Software process

We can help you on adopting methods such as Scrum, Automated Testing, DevOps, and Maturity Models, based on our own experience and in the several enviroments we have already worked with.

Software architecture

Plan, develop or enhance software architectures, evaluating aspects as security, productivity, scalability and compatibility with functional requirements.


We can support BPM iniciatives, with knowledge to help your team in process mapping, enhancement and automation. We also can help planning and building SOA infraestructure in the BPM enviroment.

Digital signature

Security and process digitization solutions, using the best world practices in digital signature. Get rid of paper based process and increase security at the same time.

Software integration

Evaluation and development of software integration solutions, solving data replication issues and granting supply chain integration.

Software conversion

Feasibility studies and execution of software conversions projects, changing software technology or platform.

Complete your software development team

To complete your development team and gain the capacity needed to deliver your internal demands, you can also count with our outsourcing team. Software Analysts, Developers, Testers and Project Managers can quickly become part of your team and increase your results.

Certified team

Over 75% of our team is certificated, including JAVA, Microsoft .NET and Scrum certifications.

Agile team

Our team is experienced in working with Agile methods, such as Scrum and Kanban, focusing on value delivering and collaboration.

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