A new product starts with a vision

Before starting software development, it is important to explore ideas, investigate end-users, identify hypotesis and analyse alternatives.
The product conception phase aims to understand what problem the product solves, who the customers and users are, and how the product benefits the company creating it. The benefits include fast learning, better planning of investment, better software solutions and better priorization.

Design Thinking Principles

We may apply design think principles and tools to help you ‘think like a desiner’, using empathy to create better products.


To develop a user-centered product, we will map visual stories that describe actual customers and what they want to accomplish.

Customer journey

We may apply the customer journey mapping to easily describe the user experience throughout a service and identify means to improve it.


To get valuable feedback from the stakeholders and users early in the project, we will create prototypes.


We will draw up a list of as many potential features for the system as we can, identifying which user need each one adresses.


To accelerate learning and avoid waste, we will define the prioritized MVP and break it down to create a preliminary release plan.

From vision to launch

The product conception service has different phases, each one with specific focus and techniques. See the steps we will go through.


The creative phase, when we generate and explore ideas, using tools and techniques such as Design Thinking, Product Canvas, Prototyping and Business Process Analyses.


The ideation phase results are analysed and structured so we can identify software functional and non-functional aspects. If required, we can make estimates of product size and inicial proofs of concept.


Planning means thinking the strategy for product validation, scaling and launch. We can help you choose the best-suited method for your project and also define the MVP and the release plan for the product.

Recent Product Conception customers

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